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How many lattes do you drink each week? 1? 2? 5?!

The average American drinks 3 cups of coffee a day. If you buy just 1 gourmet coffee a day during the workweek, that's 21ish Starbuck's or Tim Horton's trips a month! Or 260 a year! It adds up, doesn't it?

What if I told you that for the cost of just TWO lattes a month, that you could become a MASTER at Pinterest Marketing? 

Yeah, Pinterest. You've heard about how it can drive MASSIVE amounts of traffic back to your blog or biz, but everytime you sit down to finally figure it out, you end up with a massive headache instead. Maybe you even treat that headache with a latte...

I'm Marissa, a Pinterest Marketing Strategist. I've helped hundreds of people learn to use Pinterest effectively to drive traffic to their blog and biz websites. 

Every month I create a slew of helpful resources, and I've placed them ALL right here, so that you don't have to go weeding through the entire internet and all the bad advice out there on Pinterest Marketing. 

You can grab your favorite drink, relax in your PJ's, and work your way through these educational materials at your own pace.

Each month, I upload 3-5 new resources. Including:
-Pin Templates

-Case Studies

-Group Board Roundups

-What's Trending Lists

-On Screen Tutorials

-Video Chats and/or Podcasts


-and more!

Some of these resources are FREE each month.

If you like the FREE resources, there is a LOT more available to paid members. (and remember, it costs as little as $12/month. Basically 2 lattes...)

OR you can purchase a yearly membership pass and get 2 months FREE!

I'm not going to lie, you HAVE to do the work to get Pinterest working for you. But I don't want you to spend hours doing the WRONG kind of work. And I image you don't either. 

I guarantee these resources will help you gain a better understanding of how Pinterest works and how to use it in an effective and strategic way to boost traffic back to your website!

If you have any questions about membership or the resources in the library, please send an email to

Thanks for visiting and happy learning!

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Marissa Wood
Marissa Wood
Pinterest Strategist

About Me:

Hi, I'm Marissa! I'm an Etsy girl turned Pinterest Strategist. I help coaches, bloggers, and crafters of all kinds use Pinterest to create brand awareness and increase their visibility.

I'm also a wife and a mom of two. I have a bit of an eclectic personality, so I like a little bit of everything. Among my favorite things are: the ocean, chai tea, Autumn, cozy reading corners, fantasy novels, rock concerts, kayaking, and barre.

When I'm not working with my clients, I can usually be found hanging out with my kiddos and tackling new projects or recipes I found guessed it...Pinterest!